Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Cognitive Aspect to Fitness Success

               We find ourselves starring in the mirror and seeing the same image over and over again. Plateaued, hopeless, and ego shaken, we feel that it is necessary to turn to the next new thing to change our image. What we fail to realize is that before just giving up and looking for the next special workout, we need to take a step back and really focus on what we are currently doing and what we can do to improve it. The real key to having success with any program is consistency and duration combined with some intelligence. I have seen hundreds of cases where people are so focused on what they are doing inside the gym that they completely forget their lifestyle outside. Our lifestyles are the biggest contributors to what we look like and how we feel. Lifestyle can be summed up as the eating patterns we have, stress that is present, and the mental state we are in. The first step to even starting a solid program begins mentally. One must be able to spot out any detrimental factors in their diet, be able to cope with stressors, and ensure to themselves that they are mentally prepared to take the next step. Making these lifestyle changes in conjunction with starting a program really helps to reinforce the success of the program. Being mentally ready to take on the challenge of adjusting our lifestyles is a scary thought for many of us. Once we can adjust our lifestyles, then we can take the next step towards our new image. We as a human society will always have days where we are either emotionally deviated or physically tired, it is crucial to keep pushing on these days. The individuals who push on these days are the ones that will be successful in accomplishing their goals. Once one has mastered the cognitive aspect of consistency and duration, success will always come.

Samet Galiboglu, ACE-CPT
American Council of Exercise National Certification
NETA Specialty Certification  

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