Friday, April 26, 2013

Positive Thoughts for a Healthier You

          Many times before doing anything in life there is always some type of contemplation that occurs. Should I do it? Do I have the time? Do I really want to go through with this? As a society we are tentative when it comes to getting out of our comfort spots. Fitness has a tendency to take on an image that represents discomfort for many individuals who are not physically active. What these people fail to consider is the fact that their initial anxiety and fear towards beginning an exercise program is completely normal. We all experience initial anxiety and fear whenever we are performing something that we are not accustomed to. It is critical for people who are contemplating exercising to go out and just give it a chance. I have worked with many clients who came in with the same mindset of “Is this for me?” These client's insecurities and fears shortly subsided after noticing that it wasn't that bad. The health benefits of working out far outweigh the thirty to sixty minutes of effort exerted. It is completely normal to feel unsure when making a commitment to exercise. Exercising can be one of the most intrinsically inspiring things that a person can feel. The natural high after running or completing a set is an experience like no other. Our society is pre-dispositioned to function on a rewards principle. This is why exercising is one of the best ways to take care of our physical and mental health. Whether its losing weight, gaining muscle, or being healthier overall, it all plays an important role in establishing self-efficacy within ones self. Our past experiences are a big contributor to self-efficacy. Our successes and failures in the past contribute to our intrinsic drive to accomplish a given task. This is why it is important to live our lives with the mentality of the cup being half full rather than half empty. It is absolutely critical to understand that results come with persistence and duration. Their are a lot of psychological ups and downs in individuals who are not properly educated about the time frame of seeing exercise results. These individuals need to realize that in order for big changes to occur their needs to be a decent window of time along with the persistence to continue the exercise regime. Their is no doubt in my mind that every individual I have worked with had fears and insecurities at the beginning stages. Through the positive feedback they received from me and the physical changes they saw they were able to overcome their fears and doubts by establishing intrinsic belief. We are our worst enemy when it comes to accomplishing our goals. A negative perception is all it takes to make the difference from success and failure. It is important to surround our lives with positives instead of negatives. It is inevitable to completely block out negatives in life. Once we can learn to convert negative energy to fuel our motivation is when we can truly accomplish greatness.

Samet Galiboglu, ACE-CPT
American Council of Exercise National Certification
NETA Specialty Certification